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    Holiday reading packed..

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    More #bookporn on a #rainy day

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  6. "Every introvert alive knows the exquisite pleasure of stepping from the clamor of a party into the bathroom and closing the door."
    — Sophia Dembling - The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World  (via sarahcosima)

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  7. “When at last I came upon the right book, the feeling was violent: it blew open a hole in me that made life more dangerous because I couldn’t control what came through it.” ―Nicole Krauss, Great House

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  10. "I really like how all bookstores or libraries are quiet. No one talks above a whisper. It’s like everyone is respecting and listening to the voices from the books. It’s truly magical."
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    My collection of Penguin Clothbound Classics thus far. I only have a little room left before I need a new bookcase! Aren’t they gorgeous?

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    Stiftsbibliothek Admont (Austria)

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  14. "To read a novel is to wonder constantly, even at moments when we lose ourselves most deeply in the book: How much of this is fantasy, and how much is real?"
    — What Our Minds Do When We Read Novels by Orhan Pamuk (via treesofreverie)

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